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CUSTOMER Beverage Factory is a family owned business founded in 1997 and is based in San Diego, California. It offers the latest from unique to practical supplies to make, store, and dispense any beverage. It offers kegerators, beer dispensers, and wine refrigerators as well as coffee makers, conversion kits, draft beer equipment, home brewing equipment, ice makers, and wine storage units. Its goal is to provide a source where home owners, business owners, and hobbyists can find beverage equipment and hardware to fulfill their beverage needs. Beverage Factory can help customers track their orders online by entering an e-mail address and zip code. Moss Grills was recently founded by Fred Moss, a 24-year veteran of the United States Marines. He started his business by making himself a grill and soon after he was making barrel grills for friends, family, and neighbors. He got the idea when he thought back to his childhood when he attended family cooking events. With time on his hands, Moss thought he could make himself a charcoal grill. Moss hired some of his fellow veterans to assemble these grills. The next year, he was producing grills for Hollywood superstars and for customers around the nation. He started his business from his own house but then eventually moved into a warehouse.

NEED For the past 10 years, Team Worldwide San Diego has been handling e-commerce shipment orders for Beverage Factory. Team has been the most dependable for orders such as wine coolers and equipment. 

SOLUTION Team also provides white glove delivery service which requires specialized handling. More than 90 percent of deliveries to residents are white glove deliveries. They perform white glove deliveries for other companies including Moss Grills where they deliver 55-gallon drum grills. Celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg relied on Moss Grills to provide some grills for celebrity parties and, for her appreciation, she had Moss appear on Made in America.

“We have a strong relationship. When you pick up the phone, you get the person right away. That’s a big advantage. It’s a hard business, but it’s worth it.” Ron McLeish, Branch Owner Team Worldwide San Diego