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CUSTOMER Team Worldwide Tampa works with two primary clients: Exhibit Services, Inc., and C-1 Trade Show Services, both exhibit management companies. They are two decorators that put the entire show together whether it’s marking the show floor, setting the pipe and drape, laying carpet or moving freight. Exhibit Services, Inc. has been a nationwide independent trade show contractor since 1989. They produce medium to small-sized events, but provide the type of service a huge decorator would provide. Its nationwide network of receiving warehouses gives them the advantage of offering exhibitors better and less costly shipping options. Through its website, it provides an easy way to present information, and through technology, provides management and ordering of booth equipment and services. C-1 Trade Show Services is a family owned business started in 2005. C-1 provides new ideas, quick follow-up, superb graphics and a team environment. C-1 offers management, customer and exhibit services. They anticipate the customers’ needs and offer solutions to help make trade show events successful.

NEED As a decorator for trade shows, both Exhibit Services, Inc., and C-1 Trade Show Services need a preferred carrier for their shows. They need a carrier who is not afraid to solicit all the exhibitors for their freight into and out of the show. Team Worldwide deals with both decorators on a daily basis and delivers to domestic locations.

SOLUTION Team Tampa is ready for the call for trade show pickup and delivery. Team provides the advance warehouse for each show and receives the freight for the show up to 30 days in advance. Team warehouses or stores the freight then delivers it directly to the show site. Team Tampa sends a staff member to travel to each show and manage all aspects of the freight into and out of the floor. Team solicits each exhibitor directly on the show floor. For all clients that choose to use its services, Team would deliver each of them their Bills of Lading as well as their address labels prior to the show. As the preferred carrier, Team Tampa receives any of the freight that was left on the show floor at the end of the show by carriers that did not show up. The entire staff is dedicated to their customer’s requirements being met 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year – it’s all about the commitment.

“We know the ins and outs of the business. When we started 20 years ago, most competitors didn’t send a representative, just let the decorator do the work. I, or one of my staff, attend each show and manage the freight into and out of the door,” said Hubbell.